This Little Piggy Went

Rebecca pulled me down and whispered frantically in my ear as we walked by people bundled in scarves and coats, huddled on the ground along the side of the Wal-Mart, “Mom, are those people homeless?”.

“No, dear,” I replied, “They’re hard core gamers. They’re in line for a Wii.”

Friends Share

Being woken at dawn by the sound of vomit splashing into the toilet really puts a damper on the rest of the day.

One thing I really, really appreciate is that Marcus has done enough throwing up in his life to know when to make a run for the bathroom. I guess the kids are going to have a movie day while I run laundry.

I have a prescription for Zofran in hand in case things get worse, but it looks like he’s finally keeping down liquids.

Friends. Vectors of disease.

Things That Happened In Chicago

Rebecca got to pet, excuse me, train with a dolphin at the Shedd Aquarium. Ah, the benefits of being cute and almost six and dressing in blue jeans instead of an Ariel costume. The docents took her out on the water onto the submerged rock ledge and she shook her head and waved her hands and her dolphin imitated her. They were mortified when they brought her back because she’d sat down on the water and gotten her bum wet and they were expecting a tongue lashing. My reaction? “It’s just water.” Damp child and playing with dolphins, or dry child and no dolphins, hmm. Tough choice.

Greek cheese on fire! Fire, fire, fire! Mmm, Greek cheese on fire.

I took a long nap with Madeline while my aunt took Rebecca out to the park. They spent the afternoon saving children from the Orii. My aunt is a good sport.

The Children’s Museum at the Navy Pier saves all the good stuff for the top floor. The best exhibit, with butterflies and flower petals and a baby play place, is tucked away at the back of the building.

The crazy crochet lady gave Madeline a doll that is crocheted except for its face and the bottle which you can stick in its mouth. I think her hobby is rearranging the millions of stuffed animals around the walls of her living room; all are on display, none are for touching. And counting her collection of unfertilized finch eggs. Matthew has instructions to take me out to the back forty and shoot me should I start to collect unfertilized finch eggs.

I found out that my cousin Jon is a cool guy. Tall. Hates his job. All things you don’t get from a Christmas letter.