And Whatnot

Rebecca lost her first two teeth within a week of each other. The first she dropped down the stairs, so I spent the evening looking for it. She is quite pleased with her tooth fairy income.

Marcus is reading books on his own, asks a million questions a minute, and has been making steady progress in his handwriting. His printing, I fear, is a lost cause.

Matthew has been working from home for the last two months. He built a deck onto the shed, unclogged the bathtub drain, and is my hero.

I am pregnant, and due on 7 September. If there is anything I haven’t done in the last two months (and I know that there are many things, like sending out holiday cards), my sincere apologies. I have spent the last two months sleeping a minimum of 12 hours per day, because when I was pregnant with Rebecca, I didn’t and I ended up with daily migraines. I don’t plan on repeating that experience even if I’m erring on the side of sleeping too much as opposed to not enough.