Down And Out

I feel like crap. I did not have a good morning.

I overslept and then woke up and gulped down a cup of coffee and grabbed the kids and headed off to the grocery store at 8:25 and arrived at 8:30 to stand in line for 40 minutes for the flu shots that were slated to start at 9:00 but really started at 8:30 because the line started to form at 8:00. I was the only person under 50 there–so nice because the older people grumble about how I shouldn’t be getting a priority flu shot and I feel like I should wear a huge red sign on my chest that says “I HAVE ASTHMA” in big letters so that I do not get the third degree from every person after me in line that is annoyed at my presence.

After getting the flu shot and the pneumovax and thus making both arms hurt at the same time and buying doughnuts because the kids had behaved and driving home and bringing in the kids and doughnuts, my necklace chain fell out of my sweater sans pendant that I’ve been wearing since I was twelve. So the kids ate their doughnuts while I combed through the car and raked the driveway and then I drove us all back to the store and wandered through the parking lot and found my pendant, except the amber had been crushed against the asphalt and so I drove it over to the jewelry shop that I’d swear is a front for the Russian mafia except they at least said they’d try to replace the amber and that’s a really small job as the pendant has way more sentimental value than anything else and I’m surprised they’re willing to try since the job will pay less than $100 and it’s funny that the shop is always empty and anyway.

What a ball of suck.

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